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The Padlei Inn

The Padlei Inn

The Padlei Inn restaurant

in Arviat, Nunavut

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Sport Fishing

You can go fishing from the land and on the sea while visiting Arviat.
  • lake trout
  • Arctic grayling
  • white fish
  • cod

are available throughout the year. The Arctic char runs in June and September / October are events not to be missed.

Small planes and helicopters are available for charter in summer and fall. Tours with outfitters can be arranged. The guides and outfitters know this area and can arrange land and air transportation to the best fishing spots. The guides will make sure you leave Arviat with a great fishing story.

Arctic Char

World's Best Arctic Char Fishing

An Arctic Char

Arctic Grayling - a true trophy fish

Arctic Grayling

Arctic Char
Arctic Char is one of the most delicate fish -- combining the lightness of trout and the tastiness of salmon. Arctic Char thrive in cold, clear water less than 50'F (10'C). Arctic Char is definitely the rarest kind of delicacy, the prize catch of only the most adventurous anglers. During its spawning period through late September and early October, Arctic Char boasts a bright red underside.
Arctic Grayling

The Arctic Grayling (Thymalus arcticus) is a very rare game fish, highly prized for its beauty and for its fighting ability. The Arctic Grayling has a large sail-like dorsal fin, rows of dark spots, and is often tinged with pink or white on the upper edge.

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