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Arviat Outfitters

The Padlei Inn

The Padlei Inn

Arviat Restaurant

in Arviat, Nunavut

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Local Outfitters

Local outfitters can arrange and accompany adventurers on trips including:

  • observing the polar bear migration
  • dog-sledding to the floe edge
  • fishing for Arctic char
  • attending the Nunavut Dogteam Derby
  • whale watching for Beluga whale

The guides and outfitters know the land and can arrange spectacular trips to locations both near Arviat and on the tundra lands.

Dog Sledding Team
Dog sled team at the floe edge

The caribou migration

Arctic Tundra Near Arviat
The Tundra near Arviat

Arctic Char Fishing
Arctic Char

Migratory Birds
Snow Geese in flight

Arctic Grayling

Arviat Outfitters

Arviat Hunters and Trappers Organization

Offers local information about the land, country foods, liaison between local outfitters and hunters, allotment of tags for sports hunts

Phone: 867-857-2636

Ukamaktit Touring and Guiding

  • fishing
  • culture trips
  • day tours
  • walking tours

Phone: 867-857-2780

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