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Arviat Inuit Art

Inns North

The Padlei Inn

Arviat's Finest Hotel

The Padlei Inn Dining Room

in Arviat, Nunavut

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Arviat Inuit Art

The carving in Arviat is unlike any other in the Canadian Arctic. The carvers use a rough, local stone called steatite.

Daniel Alareak has been working as an artist since he was 12 years old. Daniel learned carving from his grandparents, Michael and Eva Aliktiluk, well known artists themselves. Daniel's carvings have been on display in British Columbia and Europe. He is well-known for his caribou antler carvings. Daniel started making jewelery in 1994, working with walrus tusk ivory. As an artist, he uses every part of the animal, creating lovely pieces.

Melanie Tabvahtah makes sealskin windpants, kamiks, mitts, parkas, amauti and amautik. She also carves buttons from ivory and caribou. She can make any clothing to order.

Arviat wall hangings traditionally show caribou skin figures with faces carved from bone or antler. Dolls with soapstone or dried sealskin faces, made by artists Martina Anoee and Alice Akkamuk are also treasured.

The Ulimaut Carving Shop in Arviat provides a workspace for new carvers. Here you can watch young carvers at work and meet other members of the carvers' society in Arviat.

Inuit Art Carving

Daniel Alareak's carvings

Ivory Carvings

Jewellry by Danial Alareak of Arviat

Hand-Made Kamiks
Kamiks by Melanie Tabvahta

Duffel Slippers

Duffel slippers made by Kiluk Sewing Centre

Kiluk Sewing Centre

Christmas tree skirt made by Kiluk Sewing Centre

Kiluk Sewing Centre

The Kiluk Sewing Centre, which produces a variety of machine-made articles including:

  • duffel slippers
  • original line of Christmas items
  • sealskin coats
  • leather coats
  • sealskin backpacks

By drawing on traditional design and using modern fabrics, the garments form a link between traditional and modern culture.

Kiluk also works with local craftspeople selling carvings, jewelery and other locally made items.


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